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Computer on Rent

Osrtech is a leading provider of business computer, peripherals, servers, laptops on rentals to various leading corporations across India since more than a decade. Our proposition is simple - industry-leading service, standards-based continually updated, state of the art equipment, and competitive rate.

Laptop on Rent

In today's fast growing world where the business dynamics change rapidly Laptop Rentals are great for the on-the-go businessman. Laptop Rental forms a wise, smart and obvious choice for the business personnel who need a lightweight, portable, sleek, and powerful machine.

Server on Rent

Server on Rent There are number of benefits in using Server Rental which include no capital cost of hardware, no additional cost of peripheral hardware, no need of hardware administration, redundancy of equipment & disaster recovery, easily expandable solution to meet your ends, full control of the server.

Printer on Rent

Given the present market conditions, it is not always feasible to buy a printer. But, it is a machine that cannot be done without if you own a business which requires you to take bulk printouts almost everyday. In such a case, taking printouts from elsewhere can prove to be quite expensive since you may have to shell out Rs. 5 to 10 per page. That is why taking printers on hire can be a more feasible option as with it you can get your work done at a far cheaper price.